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Design2Scan3D was founded in 2018 by a former aerospace design engineer with over 30 years of experience in product prototyping and design.  We offer affordable and accurate 3D design, printing and scanning services for both businesses and hobbyists. 

We can scan most objects from jewelry to cars and even people to create 3D printable products in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes.

  • Broke a bracket on your '63 Triumph TR3 and can't find a replacement? We can help.

  • Want a 3D scan of you in your favorite cosplay or sports uniform? We can create it.

  • Want to add a model of your grandmother's favorite antique vase to your dollhouse display? We can scan it and print it out in 1:12 scale.

  • Have a napkin sketch of a product you want designed? We can design it and print out a prototype for you with our in-house 3D printers



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